Chipembele Film Project

A project aiming to promote Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust, and responsible tourism within Zambia and other countries. Increase the awareness of the importance of Biodiversity!

Welcome – Muli Bwanji

Hello !

Welcome to our website for the Chipembele Film Project (CFP). The CFP is a project aiming to create a short-film/ mini documentary about a small organisation based in a rural community in Mfuwe, Zambia – the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust (CWET). The main aim of the film is to educate and create awareness in regards to the importance of conservation and education within rural communities for their own future and for the future of our planet. 

The word Chipembele means Rhino in the language of Nyanja (which is spoken in Mfuwe, Zambia). The reason the organisation calls themselves this word is because this area used to be a popular place for Black Rhinos – sadly, today, due to poaching and loss of habitat, they no longer inhabit this area. The name Chipembele serves as a reminder for the community, and hopefully for the world.

This blog will keep you informed in regards our progress through this exciting project.  We hope you enjoy our regular updates of our journey!

Thank you for your support – Zikomo – watch this space!

See you later – Tionana.